Tin tức


Sample answers that demonstrate the differences in vocabulary usage between IELTS Band 5.0 and Band 7.0:

1. Topic: Describe a place you have visited recently.

Band 5.0: “I went to a beach last weekend. It was very nice and I enjoyed it a lot. The weather was good too, and I spent the whole day there.

“Band 7.0: “I recently visited a pristine coastline that had breathtaking scenery. The tranquil atmosphere and picturesque views were simply awe-inspiring. The idyllic weather and the glistening waters were a sight to behold, and I relished my time there immensely.”

2. Topic: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city.

Band 5.0: “Big cities have more job opportunities but they are also very crowded and polluted. The cost of living is high there as well.

“Band 7.0: “Living in a metropolis can be advantageous as it offers a plethora of career prospects, diverse cultural experiences, and a vibrant lifestyle. However, the drawbacks include the high cost of living, air and noise pollution, and overcrowding, which can lead to a stressful and unhealthy life.”

3. Topic: Talk about a hobby or activity you enjoy.

Band 5.0: “I like watching TV in my free time. I usually watch movies or shows on Netflix.”

Band 7.0: “In my leisure time, I am an avid reader of classical literature, and I find it to be a great way to unwind and stimulate my mind. Additionally, I have recently taken up playing the guitar, which has proven to be a fulfilling creative outlet that challenges me both mentally and physically.”

4. Topic: Discuss the importance of education.

Band 5.0: “Education is very important because it helps people get better jobs and earn more money. It also helps them learn new things and gain knowledge.”

Band 7.0: “The significance of education cannot be overstated as it is the foundation for personal growth, societal development, and economic progress. It enables individuals to broaden their horizons, develop critical thinking skills, and foster innovation. Moreover, education empowers people to become responsible citizens who contribute positively to their communities.”

5. Topic: Describe a memorable event in your life.

Band 5.0: “I once went on a trip with my family to a national park. We had a lot of fun and took lots of pictures.”

Band 7.0: “One of the most unforgettable experiences of my life was when I participated in a volunteer program that involved building homes for the less fortunate in a rural community. It was a humbling and enriching experience that taught me the value of altruism and community service. The impact it had on me was profound, and I came back feeling inspired and grateful for the opportunities I have in life.”

6. Topic: Describe a memorable holiday you have had.

Band 5.0: “I went to the beach for my holiday last year. It was really nice and we had a good time.”

Band 7.0: “Last summer, I embarked on an unforgettable holiday to a tropical island paradise that left an indelible impression on me. The pristine sandy beaches, azure waters, and verdant vegetation created a breathtaking setting that was truly magical. We also indulged in exotic cuisine, engaged in water sports, and explored the local culture, which added to the richness of the experience.”

7. Topic: Describe a book you have read recently.

Band 5.0: “I read a book called ‘Harry Potter’. It’s about a boy who goes to a school for magic.”

Band 7.0: “Recently, I had the pleasure of reading a literary masterpiece titled ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee. The book is a poignant exploration of racial injustice and prejudice in the American South during the 1930s, and it offers profound insights into the human condition. The eloquent prose, vivid characters, and evocative setting make it a timeless classic that resonates with readers of all ages.”

8. Topic: Describe a place you would like to visit in the future.

Band 5.0: “I want to go to New York. It seems like a really cool place with lots of things to do.”

Band 7.0: “One destination that has always captivated my imagination is the ancient city of Petra in Jordan, which is renowned for its magnificent sandstone rock-cut architecture and rich cultural heritage. The majestic temples, tombs, and amphitheaters hewn into the cliffs are a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the Nabatean civilization. Moreover, the scenic beauty of the surrounding desert landscape adds to the allure of this mystical wonder.”

9. Topic: Describe a time when you faced a challenge.

Band 5.0: “I had a difficult exam last semester. It was hard and I didn’t do very well.”

Band 7.0: “One of the most daunting challenges I have faced was during my internship at a prestigious law firm, where I was assigned a complex case that required extensive research and analysis. The sheer volume of data, the technical jargon, and the tight deadlines made it a formidable task that tested my mettle. However, with perseverance, diligence, and guidance from my mentors, I was able to overcome the obstacles and produce a comprehensive report that earned accolades from the senior partners.”

10. Topic: Describe a piece of technology that you find useful.

Band 5.0: “I like my smartphone because I can use it to call my friends and look things up online.”

Band 7.0: “In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, technology has become an indispensable tool for enhancing our productivity and efficiency. One technological innovation that I find particularly useful is the cloud computing platform, which allows me to store, access, and share data and applications from anywhere in the world. This not only streamlines my workflow but also enables me to collaborate with colleagues and clients in real-time, thereby increasing the speed and quality of my work.”